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Welcome to Rexton Hub, the home of Rextonian where Rexton Owners and Enthusiast interact and socialise.

At Rexton Hub, we strive to foster a strong brotherhood bonding to enrich the ownership experience through experience sharing, peer support and mutual respect.

We encourage all Rextonian participation and involvement in activities and events. We practise open communication to welcome constructive and valuable suggestions for the well being of the Hub. Together, we will create awareness and appreciate the beauty of this powerful SUV.


Finally, home sweet home. Our own forum is now ready in BETA and welcoming all Bros to start exploring and get yourselves comfortable. We have gone thru intensive testing but please do feedback to the board MOD if you encountered any bugs.

All the old members who have posted at our own forum has their account in the new forum automatically created. You should have received the notification email from our forum system earlier. If you have missed your account login info, you can simply recall your password by clicking on "Forget Password" link.

You can read more details and post any questions here.